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bad ideas 2k21

Trusting ssh keys using a centralized hardware secret

In the past, I've used a single passwordless ssh key shared between all of my devices. This is obviously very insecure, but means that I don't have to deal with an easily-losable hardware token or synchronizing many public keys between devices. However, s…

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Automatic syndication and cross-platform interactions with blogs

I've set up the following functionality: https://leo60228.space and https://leo60228.tumblr.com will notify linked sites (outgoing Webmentions) Posts from https://leo60228.space will automatically be posted on Mastodon (syndication) External interactions…

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This site now supports outgoing WebMentions and implements microformats2.

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hsmusicifier 0.3.0: Split up bundled albums with additional flexibility for art

(If you missed it, check out the 0.2.0 announcement.) hsmusicifier is a tool to add metadata from hsmusic.wiki to your Homestuck music collection. 0.3.0 adds some extra flexibility for art, and enables splitting up bundled albums. Split bundled albums If …

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hsmusicifier 0.2.0: Add track art and artist info to your Homestuck music collection in any format

hsmusicifier is a tool to add metadata from hsmusic.wiki to a Homestuck music collection. See the announcement post for more details on the core functionality. hsmusicifier 0.2.0 adds two major new features. Artist info Ever been annoyed by how the artist…

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